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Republic of Nicaragua - Tips


The best air travel route between São Paulo x Managua (eight hours) is by Copa Airlines with a brief stopover in Panama; another option, though longer, is Miami x Managua, direct flight, two and a half hours by American Airlines + the eight hours São Paulo x Miami.

The normal time zone difference to Brazil is minus three hours, excepting Brazilian Summer Time, when it is minus four hours.

Córdoba, the local currency, is quoted approximately at 34,50 córdobas to the American dollar and it is best to convert at Exchange Bureaus.


Nicaraguan Córdoba


Don´t forget to carry a US$ 10 note in cash to pay the tourism tax at  the Managua"s airport.


Tourism Tax


Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in Latin America, however, as a matter of precaution, take taxis stationed next to your hotel. All have mobile phones. 

To facilitate communication, it is worth while buying a pre-paid mobile telephone chip at Movistar(Telefonica), be sure to take your unlocked phone.

Be sure to bring a "flat" USA power adapter (see below the iPhone USA power charger), since in Nicaragua all power take-offs are flat (USA), other than Brazilian/German which are round; so you can charge your mobile phone, camera, computer, tablet, etc.


 USA iPhone "Flat"


The best hotel in Managua is the Intercontinental Metrocentro, Tel: +505 2276-8989, our restaurant Factory Lobster is excelent.


Intercontinental Metrocentro Hotel


In addition to a valid passport with at least 6 months to expiring date(obligatory), it is important to take a valid Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate(we recommend, not obligatory), with vaccination date a minimum of 10 days before travel date(obtainable  at ANVISA),  as well as an International Driving Licence ( we recommend, not obligatory, obtainable at Automóvel Clube Paulista ).

In case of loss or theft, don´t forget to take a xerox copy of your passport. This is very important to request a second issue, in case of need.

Brazilian Embassy in Managua

Km 7 ¾ La Carretera Interamericana Sur

Quinta “Los Pinos”

Apartado Postal 264 (POBox)

Managua – Nicaragua

Tel: +505 2265-0035 / 2265-1681 / 2265-1729


Catarina Mirador, as the name suggests, is a belvedere with shops and typical restaurants, where you can appreciate a breathtaking view of Apoyo Lake, the city of Granada and the backdrop of Lake Nicaragua.



Apoyo Lake View




Momotombo Volcano: an afternoon or morning excursion by a local bus that climbs the mountain and which stops by a very interesting coffee farm; lovely landscape.




Momotombo Volcano




Masaya Volcano: the showroom along the way is worth seeing.



Masaya Volcano 




At the Masaya and Managua Markets you will find local handicrafts (beautiful wood pieces, paintings, etc.) at excellent prices.



Masaya Handicraft



You cannot miss visiting the historic cities of León and Granada. They remind you of the town of Paraty, Rio de Janeiro.



Independence Square - Granada








Lión"s Cathedral




It is worth while taking a boat ride from Granada, on Lake Nicaragua, to visit some of the islands.




Nicaragua Lake Islands




Don´t forget visiting the beach at Montelimar (Pacific Coast), about 100 km from Managua and stay at the Barceló Resort Hotel – Tel: +505 2269-6769.



Barceló Resort Hotel - Montelimar Beach




A more sophisticate itinerary is to stay at the Resort Morgan Rock Luxury Hotel(Pacific Coast) – Tel: +505 2563-9005.



Morgans Rock Resort Luxury Hotel 





On the Pacific Ocean is an excellent option is the Pelican Eyes Resort and SPA in San Juan del Sur Tel: +505 2563-7000. 





 Pelican Eyes SPA and Resort 




Some tourism sites in Nicaragua:

Via Nica Turismo 

Nicaragua Travel

Explore Nicaragua Tours

Nicaragua Exotic Travels

Tours Nicaragua




We suggest that you always make prior reservation. Nicaraguan export meat is one of the best in the world.








San Juan de La Selva - Managua - Italian Cuisine - The owner Vittorio wins personally - Tel: +505 2277-3055

El Churrasco Shopping Galerias - Managua - Steakhouse - Order the "Churrasco" and Tree Milk - Tel: +505 2276-5448 

Don Cándido - Managua - Steakhouse - The best - Tel.: +505 2277-2485

Factory Lobster - Managua - Seafood - Tel: +505 2276-8989

Kyoto - Managua - Japonese Cuisine - Tel: +505 2280-9810

Rincon Espanhol - Managua - Spain Cuisine - Tel: +505 2266-3843

Pane e Vino - Managua - Pizzaria - Like the "Brazilian Pizza" - Tel: +505 2278-4442 

La Cueva Del Buzo - Near Managua - Italian and Seafood  - Excellent - Tel: +505 2265-8336

El Zaguan - Granada - Tipical Nicaraguan Food - Tel: +505 2552-2522

Carnívoro - León - Fast Food - Tel.: +505 2377 5895‬ 



We highly recommend the traditional dessert – Tres Leches (Three Milks).




Three Milks



When leaving the country, we recommend that you take with you the “Flor de Caña” Rum, considered the best in the world and the “Joya de Nicaragua” cigars available, tax free, at the Managua Airport Free Shop.


Rum Flor de Caña
Cigars Joya de Nicaragua


Nicaragua Lake View - Granada

Consulado da Nicaragua em São Paulo
Consulado da Nicaragua em São Paulo
Consulado da Nicaragua em São Paulo
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